photojournalism » In Pictures: Oil still ‘seeps’ in the Gulf

The size and location of an oil seep in the Gulf of Mexico indicates that it could be caused by human activity.

New Orleans, LA – While oil giant BP has successfully settled in the first of a three-phase trial for at least $7.8bn, residents of the Gulf Coast remain concerned about a large oil seep along an area near BP’s capped Macondo well. The disaster at BP’s well gushed at least 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico during the spring and summer of 2010, causing the largest marine oil disaster in US history. By comparison, the Macondo reservoir, from which this new oil is likely seeping, contains an estimated 50 million barrels of producible oil. Al Jazeera conducted a flight over the area on February 29, 2012, and found silvery oil sheen, oil globules and long reddish rope-formed oil across an area 35 km long with a width ranging from 20 to 100 metres. Al Jazeera noticed oil seeping from this same site during a fly-over on September 11, 2011. While natural oil seeps are common in the Gulf of Mexico, the size and location of this seep could indicate that it has been caused by human activity.

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