Sky Scrolls

Looking up on a clear and dark night the brilliant lights of our visible Universe reveal themselves. The vast territory of the natural night sky becomes a mesmerizing field of seemingly infinite luminosity and motion. The abundant array of stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae has been a wellspring of inspiration and meaning since we made our first mark on a cave wall. Unexpected astronomical phenomena—a meteor shower, scintillating auroras and the streak of a radiant comet—have written enduring messages upon human minds and souls across time. Looking up at the night sky has sparked awe and wonder, given rise to worldviews and cosmologies, motivated art and architecture, and awakened philosophy and science.

Yet our natural night sky is in peril from increasing artificial light pollution, and many urban environments are veiled entirely from a view of the night sky. As a global culture and a creative species, if we lack a view of our Universe, a view that has connected us with a sense of awe and left an imprint of wonder on our souls, what part of us wanes?

Sky Scrolls is an artwork that intends to chronicle our personal and heartfelt experiences under the night sky. Throughout each of our lives there are moments which are marked indelibly by an experience under the natural night sky—a moment of profound significance, however fleeting, that connects us in some way to an expanded understanding or feeling. Your experience of the natural night sky tells a poignant story, and links you to many others around the world and across time.

To participate in Sky Scrolls, write down your night sky story in your native language in the space provided below, including any details that will help us visualize your experience vividly. Fill in the requested contact info and then submit your story! Please feel free to submit more than one night sky story. The hope is to gather 1000 stories by the end of 2014, at which point more will be revealed…