Website Credits

Design: Erika Blumenfeld and Geet Jacobs
Webwork: Geet Jacobs / Geet Design

The Moving Sky Piece On The Entry Page: When you first load the website you might notice that the moving sky animation changes depending on what time of day you come to the site.┬áThis piece, an artwork created by Blumenfeld specifically for the site, documents the sky each hour over the 24 hours in our daily solar cycle. The images were taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico in July 2006. Geet Design then animated the 24 sky recordings, and programmed the page to load the corresponding hour’s image in synch to the time of your own computer clock. It changes every hour on the hour according to your specific time zone.

Many thanks to my family and friends whose input and thoughtful suggestions enriched the overall experience of this site. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all you folks out there whose interest and support of my work over the years has made it possible for me to continue my love of investigating and documenting the wonders of our natural world. I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve brought back to share with you… -EB